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Music Ministry at
St. Jane Frances de Chantal

“The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy.”

112, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Sacrosanctum Concilium solemnly promulgated by his holiness Pope Paul VI on December 4, 1963

The choir at St. Jane Frances de Chantal provides music for 10 AM Mass on Sundays and other major Feast days. The choir has a distinctive role in Sung Mass. We sing Propers of the Mass as well as other sacred music, Gregorian chant, polyphony, motets, hymns and canticles, through which the congregation actively participates in singing their parts and meditating during the Holy Mass. Therefore, the sacred liturgy is fully supported to glorify God and sanctify the faithful through sacred music, which transcends time and space where our hearts and minds are lifted to encounter God and experience heaven on earth.

God has given each of us a voice, a wonderful gift that is the best among all the instruments. While we lift our voices and praise him, we also deepen our faith through beautiful prayers.

Come and join us in singing and praying together, while sharpening your musical skills, and share your faith, talent, and love of music with other parishioners—and enjoy fellowship.

“As a manifestation of the human spirit,” said John Paul II in 1989, “music performs a function which is noble, unique, and irreplaceable. When it is truly beautiful and inspired, it speaks to us more than all the other arts of goodness, virtue, peace, of matters holy and divine. Not for nothing has it always been, and will it always be, an essential part of the liturgy.”

St. Augustine said:
“Singing is for one who loves.”
“Whoever sings well, prays twice over.”

Rehearsals and Mass

Adult choir 

  • Rehearsal on Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (choir loft) 
  • Sings for Mass on Sundays at 10 AM (warm up starts at 9:30 AM sharp in the lower church)

Children’s choir

  • Rehearsal on WEDNESDAY evenings at 6 PM – 7 PM (choir loft)
  • Sings for Mass on Sundays at 10 AM (warm up starts at 9:30 AM sharp in the lower church)

Funeral choir

  • Rehearsal half an hour before the Mass and in July and August on Wednesdays 7-8 PM

Music Guidelines



Ordinary Parts

Ordinary parts are the Mass parts which do not change.


Propers are the Mass parts, taken from scripture, that change week to week or day to day.

Church Documents and other helpful Links

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Musica Sacra

The Recovering Choir Director


For more information,
please contact:
Marianne Gregory,
Director of Music


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