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Christians are called to proclaim and live the Gospel. We cannot be complacent in responding to this call. The Holy Father reminds us that a new millennium calls for a new evangelization. We want to invite new neighbors to pray with us while maintaining a sense of our history. The future strength of our parish is in our ability to embrace the Gospel and to grow together in faith.


Welcoming Committee
Contact: Pat Holt, 410-255-4620

To feel welcome is the most comforting feeling a family can be blessed with upon their arrival at a new home and parish. This committee was started to accomplish that very important and extremely pleasurable task.

The purpose of the Welcoming Committee is to make personal contact with each newly registered parishioner soon after registration. The goals of this initial contact are, first and foremost, to welcome them to the parish, and then to provide useful information about St. Jane Frances Parish. This contact will be made by way of a phone call. The call will be followed up with the mailing of an information folder which provides additional facts about each organization and ministry functioning in the Parish.

New parishioners are encouraged to read the material, think about each opportunity presented to them, and hopefully find something which appeals to them and then volunteer to join and help that particular group.


Contact: John Ena, 410-437-6522

Information to come.


St. Monica Ministry
Contacts: John Ena, 410-437-6522

The Saint Monica ministry is a pastoral outreach to all those adults who have friends or relatives who are not active in the practice of their Catholic faith. For many, this experience is a source of hurt and deep disappointment. Many times these people wonder: “How can this be?” or “Why is this happening?” or “What can I do about this?”

While there are many responses to these and associated questions, the Saint Monica Ministry, developed around the life experiences of Saint Monica, suggests that the best response is to use this experience as a means of drawing closer to Christ yourself. This is what our call to sainthood is about. In becoming more Christ-like ourselves, we permit our Lord to be reflected more clearly through us to others, including our inactive relatives and friends, and thus touch them in the way and time of His choosing.

Following an overview on the life of Saint Monica, we will help you explore some of the issues that you may be struggling with or have concerns about including:

  • Why hurting is legitimate when loved ones do not attend Mass
  • Faith – its purpose and role in our lives
  • Prayer – its essence and necessity
  • Pastoral responses to commonly asked questions.

Monica was born in Tagaste in Roman Africa. After 30 years of prayer, she obtained the conversion of her pagan husband and, with the guidance of Saint Ambrose, won the conversion of her eldest son, Augustine, who we know as Saint Augustine. Saint Monica is the patron saint of mothers. The Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Monica on August 27th, and Saint Augustine on August 28th. Saint Monica Ministry will highlight the virtues of faith and prayer and assist you to become more like Saint Monica in your conviction that the grace of Christ will change hearts and lives.

Inviting Catholics Home
Contacts: John Ena, 410-437-6522

The St. Monica Ministry frequently hosts Inviting Catholics Home for Catholics who have been away from the church. Come back to the Lord Jesus and His Church! Sessions usually consist of three weekly meetings from 7:00-8:30 pm, in the Muth Room of the Lower Church. We encourage you to attend each session, but if you cannot, please come to those that you can. You don’t have to pre-register. Just show up! There will be prayer as well as an opportunity to share and discuss in a comfortable atmosphere. If you have been thinking about returning, here is your opportunity; now is your time! The Lord will welcome you. We will welcome you. We would love to see you there. If a session is not currently posted on the web site, please call John or Kathy at the numbers above.



“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

Mt. 28:19-20

“The whole Church, therefore, is called upon to evangelize, and yet within her we have different evangelizing tasks to accomplish. This diversity of services in the unity of the same mission makes up the richness and beauty of evangelization.”

Evangelii Nuntiandi, 66



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